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Timing with a strobe
« on: January 30, 2011, 05:17:39 AM »
1977 250 d - Ok, when I put the bike back together I used a dial gauge to set the timing  but as I dont have a plug adaptor for my gauge I had to do my best to lock it in place.  Anyway I thought I'd check the timing with a strobe, when checked it was lining up with the outside of the 3 lines on the backplate rather than the middle one, so I loosened off the screws and rotated the plate and re checked - no different, so I moved it again, still no change!  the timimng mark remains in the same place!

Now obviously I am being my usual thick self and am missing something here?!  ??? Can you not check the timing with a strobe? and what triggers the coil to fire? there's no obvious sensor.

Otherwise I'll have to revert to making a dial gauge plug from an old spark plug!!!

PS bike started fine during this fiddling!

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