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Shock rebuild/revalve
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:55:23 AM »
Was thinking of revalving my shock. Am not sure how much to increase the damping by, though. I have increased the spring up to 7.75 kg/mm, from 6.8 kg/mm (stock spring). That was a 14% increase.  Am not sure a 14% increase in damping would be enough? I went through Race Tech for my front fork, to revalve it. I used their "Cartridge Emulators". Am very very happy. Also increased the spring rate up front, to .402 from .350 kg/mm. Not sure what the changes were up front, as there is a new damping system there. Race Tech said they do not have specs for the shock, but would "work with me" to divise a new shim stack for the shock. I'd like to do the work myself on the shock.
   Does anyone have experience rebuilding/revalving a DT200R shock, or any shock? Your help would be appreciated.
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