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« on: March 20, 2015, 03:44:01 PM »
Picked this up on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. A quick trip down the Old Road (Hume Hwy ;) to Young to pick it up.

The story with the bike after speaking to the guy was like this:

My Bruvva pull it apart to do a resto
but he ah.......loose the parts bro
Maybe a new piston anna rebore,
she'll go hard eh....fully sick.

Unfortunately all he found was a radiator. Barrel is rooted, it's been dropped and broken the skirt off the liner. I will do a list of parts needed if anyone has anything.

This is a long way off from going, much like everything else in my shed :D
After giving it a wash it looks like the motor has been split at sometime. The rod feels tight and looks new and there was a fair share of black silastic used around the engine.
Front rim is done, but I have a really nice 2nd hand one, while the back rim has a small dent which should press out.
Only 7 bids on the bike, got it for basically nothing plus $60 fuel, so it was a bargain score.

No rush, there's plenty of time. Do it next week, what could have been done today.

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Re: YZ250K
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2015, 07:57:35 PM »
Nice buy Brooksie.  Those YZ250K's look great when they are finished.  Your going to need all your skills and patience plus some searching, to get the old girl back on her feet and looking and running well.
I just purchased a 125K on Ebay.  Costing me a bit to get it to Perth from NSW but it came with a spare frame, bottom end, forks and rear wheel.  Must of been the hot set up to paint the frames red like the L, as my one also has a red frame.  That will be changed.
Looks like you need some nice cosmetics including seat.  I just ordered a red seat cover and all decals for the 83 from MXM in UK.  Post worked out cheap when you order everything together.
You can get the Maier rear guards brand new for only 30-40 in white.  DC sidecovers in white are surprisingly good.  Also, i used DC radiator shrouds on my last YZ125K build which is on this site.  I have seen a 250K with white shrouds and it looks awsome.  DC will do them in custom colours if you ask.  This NOS cylinder is a good buy..  as most of the old ones need sleeving as they are on their last knackered rebore. 
How is the rear shock?  I had a heap of trouble with my one.  Mine was blown and Race Tech would not rebuild it as they said the body was worn internally due to no hard anodizing.  I had to buy 3 shocks so they could rebuild one good one.  I think YSS can make you up a steel bodied one from your old one if it is knackered.
Good luck with the build and looking forward to more pics...
You can also check out my website for the 125K at 
Below is a pick of my Euro white K which is being delivered in the next few weeks.. and my US model K i just finished.

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Re: YZ250K
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2015, 08:37:19 PM »
Nice bike Brooksie,
A bit of work ahead, but isn't that what it's all about.
I like the 250K's.

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Re: YZ250K
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2017, 01:25:46 PM »
Hey Brooksie
You dont happen to have a YZ250K manual do you? I have picked one up in parts and need some help on getting it back together!
My present repetoire: YZ250A, YZ250B, TY250B, YZ125X, IT175J, DT175G, TT500E, TT500G, HL500, YZ465G, IT465H, YZ250K, YZ250N, YZ125N, 2 x IT200N, PW50, YZ250FX H,  and lots of other non YamaBikes..

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Re: YZ250K
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2017, 01:31:36 PM »
Sorry Andy I don't. You can download the Aus parts manual at Shimswell Yamaha if that helps.

I recently picked up a job lot of parts for this old girl. I got an 86 tank and cyl head, but also scored an 85 model bottom end/cases transmission and cylinder with powervalve. The 85 cylinder fits

the 83 cases, just the reed block angle is different. I roughly mocked it up and it all fits.
No rush, there's plenty of time. Do it next week, what could have been done today.